About Little Moon

Little Moon Wedding Music is the business of Scarlett Deering, Dallas-native. She works with her musician father, Milo Deering, and a number of incredibly talented local musicans to form Little Moon.

Scarlett Deering started playing the violin at the ripe old age of three and graduated about 20 years later from Berklee College of Music. Her musical journey took her from Boston to Denton, TX where she joined the band, Seryn and toured extensively, eventually landing in Nashville. There, she wrote and played with a thriving network of young artists and musicians, released her first solo album, and toured with a country band. She made ends meet with work as a jewelry maker and seamstress, sewing for TV/film art departments (including ABC’s “Nashville”) and customizing merchandise for Third Man Records, CMT and other prominent companies.

At the beginning of 2018, Scarlett made the move back to her hometown of Dallas, TX to co-manage a recording studio with her illustrious musician father, Milo Deering. She has most recently played fiddle for Texas singer-songwriter Zane Williams, toured as a violinist in the Eagles’ string quintet, and writes and performs her original music.